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We offer Oak, Pecan, and Mesquite wood suitable for BBQ, homeowners, and restaurants. Our firewood is suitable for your outdoor adventures and camping exeriences. It is seasoned, easy to light, and produces an amazing aroma. We offer a variety of wood types to meet your BBQ, home heating, or restaurant needs. Choose from Oak, Mesquite, Pecan ...

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Best Wood for Smoking Venison. Venison is usually smoked for a very long time. Sometimes up to 24 hours. This requires a wood that doesn't have an overpowering smoke such as mesquite. We've found the best wood for smoking deer meat is probably hickory or oak. Either of these will give that rich, earthy flavor that makes venison so tasty.
Wiley's Cooking Woods sells the highest quality wood chips, wood chunks, and split logs for smoking, barbecuing, and wood fired ovens, catering to both restaurants and the barbecue cooking enthusiast. Our woods have all been kiln dried to strict USDA guidelines, reaching a core temperature of 160 degrees for a minimum of 75 minutes; ensuring ...
Description Misty Gully Wood Chips 5kg - Mesquite. Bulk wood chip quantities available for foodservice customers. Each bag contains 5kg of wood chips and is also available in 3L & 2kg. Misty Gully's premium range of gourmet smoking wood chips are the largest in Australia. All of our woods are sourced from Australia and the USA's finest providers of all-natural, chemical free smoking woods.
The wood is packaged in either 1.7 cubic feet (approximately 45 pound) bags or as stacked wood on pallets, 1/2 cord per pallet. We have a variety of woods available. ALMOND WOOD . is popular for wood ovens. It burns clean and long providing a very high heat. Our Almond wood is an orchard cut hardwood.
Mesquite - Another wood that produces a strong flavor, mesquite burns quickly and can produce a strong earthy flavor. If you want to make an authentic Texas smoked brisket, this is the wood to choose. However, like hickory, it can get too powerful. Mild Flavors. Maple - Very mild smokiness and sweet flavor. Pecan - Very sweet, nutty ...
If you want a milder alternative to mesquite, then go for olive wood. It tastes pretty similar to mesquite but isn’t as overpowering. As an added plus, it adds a little hint of Mediterranean flavor to your meats. Size of Wood For Smoking Brisket. Aside from the wood itself, Smoking woods usually come in three major sizes. They are:
Medium Wood. Hickory - it is believed to be the number one wood for the barbecue fuel. It gives a clean burn, good for barbecuing, grilling and smoking. Oak - it is ideal to cook pork and is quite strong to handle the meats like beef and game. These two trees are very popular because they give meat a mahogany color.
You can use moderate wood when smoking pork, beef, brisket, sausages, and other game meats. In a category of its own is the Mesquite which classifies as a strong wood. It is recommended for stronger meats and select recipes. Smoking with mesquite is selectively used for some beef dishes, red meat, and lamb.

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