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The rarest ball python morph is the stranger ball python. First bred in 2012, stranger ball pythons can sell for over $20,000. Other rare and expensive ball python morphs include sunset, monsoon, and scaleless ball pythons. But the most expensive ball pythons are paradox ball pythons, which occur randomly, making them extremely rare.
Nov 07, 2020 · Banana Ball Pythons are a form of color morph (opens in new tab) of the standard ball python. They’re named “banana” after their bright yellow coloration and dark brown or black speckling, curiously similar to an aging banana! The ball python species’ nomenclature is derived from their tendency to coil into a tight ball in the face of ...
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Ball Python Morph: Banana, Sex: Male, Birth: 2021, Price: $250, Seller: BHB Reptiles, Last Updated: 11/20/21, ID: #banana-ball-python-male-2021m17. Cookies disclaimer I agree Our site saves small pieces of text information (cookies) on your device in order to deliver better content and for statistical purposes.
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Hatchling Ball Python Cages – Minimum of 24″ long, with the knowledge that you will have to keep an eye on your python’s growth and invest in a larger vivarium and he or she grows. Adult Ball Python Cages – Should measure a minimum of 36″ long and ideally more. Personally I typically house my ball pythons in 48″ long vivs.
Banana ball pythons have bright yellow blotches and black freckles on a lavender background. The banana gene is codominant, so a snake carrying 1 banana gene will express the morph. A snake that inherits 2 genes will be a ‘super banana’, with a faded pattern and no black spots.
Morphlist. Marshmallow Madness. 2X4. Champagne Mahogany. 4P. Pastel Purple Passion Pinstripe. 50 Shades Of Grey. Pewter Black Head, Black Head Cinnamon Pastel. 7 Dollar Ghost.

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